Ulverston Canal

The Ulverston Canal is claimed to be the deepest, widest and straightest canal in the UK. It is entirely straight and on a single level.

The canal was completed in 1796, in order to provide the town of Ulverston, one and a half miles from the coast at Morecambe Bay, with a port. At 15 feet (4.6 m) deep and 66 feet (20 m) wide, it was intended to take very large ships.

The Ulverston Canal was once the starting-point for steamers to Liverpool, passenger ships to Scotland and London, and cargoes of local slate, bobbins, Coniston copper and gunpowder made their way from Ulverston to coastal towns around Britain.

Today the canal is no longer a commercial waterway, but still plays a role in the day to day life of the town; the towpath is a popular place to go for a stroll.

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