Stan Laurel – Ulverston

Stan Laurel – Ulverston

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Stan’s Home:

Stan Laurel was born in Ulverston, Cumbria on 16th June 1890 at his grand parents’ house at 3 Argyle Street.

Stan Laurel's Birthplace

The property is still there to this day and proudly displays a plaque at the front stating the fact that Stan was born there.

In April 2021, the property was put up for sale by the owner.

Furthermore, the family would like to property to be bought by a fan of the comedy legend.

Visitors travel from around the world to see the three-bedroom terraced property, including two visits from Stan’s daughter, Lois, from America.

Stan died in in 1965 aged 74 and his ashes interred at Los Angeles cemetery.

Stan and Ollie’s Statue:

This bronze statue of Stan and Ollie takes pride of place outside the Coronation Hall in the town.

Now that the dark nights are here, the statue looks wonderful illuminated by the gas lamp.

Laurel and Hardy Museum:

Close by in Brogden Street is the Laurel and Hardy Museum.

Here you can browse an eccentric showcase of hat, beer bottles, props, photos and press cuttings of the pair.

There is also a constant screening of Laurel and Hardy films in the 1920s-style cinema.

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