Sir John Barrow

Sir John Barrow

Sir John Barrow was born in 1795, the son of a journeyman tanner. His birthplace is this small cottage at Dragley Beck in Ulverston which was originally thatched. Barrow was educated at Town Bank Grammar school in the town where he proved to be a genius at mathematics and astronomy. He became a seafaring explorer after whom Barrow Point in Alaska (which he discovered), Barrow Sound and Barrow Bay at the north western tip of North America are all named.

During his 40 year career at the Admiralty he published several articles in scientific journals, and also wrote an account of mutiny on the bounty. Barrow was made a baronet in 1835 for services to his country.

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After his death in 1848, Hoad monument (seen in the background of this photo) was built as a memorial to him with his son laying the foundation stone in 1850.

The monument is made from local limestone and was funded by local contributions. The monument was modelled on the lighthouse on Eddystone Rock near Plymouth.