Sedgwick House

Sedgwick House

Following on from our boat trip on the Kendal to Lancaster canal I have only just realised the connection with the canal and a grand house at Sedgwick nearby.

In 1852, at Gatebeck near Kendal, a gunpowder manufacturer was formed under the name of C W H Wakefield and company. The gunpowder was transported from Gatebeck via a horse drawn tramway to Wakefield’s Warf on the canal for transportation down the canal on to Milnthorpe railway station.

4623300416-300x169 Sedgwick House

What I didn’t realise is the fine house known as ‘Sedgwick House’ was the home of William Henry Wakefield the owner of the gunpowder factory. So from the look of things, gunpowder manufacturing was a lucrative trade at the end of the 1800s.

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