Rydal Hall
Rydal Hall

Rydal Hall

Elegant Rydal Hall is a stunning place to explore.

Set in over 30 acres, close to Rydal Water, it is a perfect place to walk and breath in the clear Cumbrian air .

The views are stunning with Rydal Hall boasting amazing views over the Rothay Valley.

In particular, the grounds are a perfect place to relax and enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

Both visually and historically, Rydal Hall is the most stunning building in Rydal.

This magnificent house was built as the country seat of the Le Fleming baronets who can be traced back to 1126.

Originally the Le Fleming’s lived at Coniston Hall some miles away.

In 1575 they moved to Rydal to the old Hall which was built on a knoll beside the present main road.

Later in 1681, is was described as ‘now in ruins’.

The new Hall was built by Sir Michael le Fleming in the 16th century.

Further alterations were carried out over the years with the main front dating to the 19th century.

Experts consider the Hall to be architecturally fine and is listed as Grade II along with terraces, bridges and outbuildings.

Since 1963, Rydal Hall has been run by the Church of England Diocese of Carlisle.

The Hall offers conference facilitates and accommodation. Futhermore its a place of hospitality, tranquillity and spirituality for all.