Return of the Red Squirrel

Return of the Red Squirrel

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We’ve had great news recently in that Red squirrels are returning to the Lake District.

The Westmorland Gazette reported that their return is thanks to conservationists such as the Westmorland Red Squirrel Society.

As a result of the society’s work, progress is being made in helping the fight back against the rival grey squirrel.

Signs of recovery have been seen at Skellghyll Woods near Ambleside and Betty Fold at Hawkshead Hill.

The gorgeous Red Squirrel is a deep auburn colour with wispy ear tufts in winter.

Until recently, Reds have been mostly restricted to the Scotland’s pine forests.

As a native to Britain and Ireland, other areas where Red Squirrels can be found is Northumberland, the North West, Wales, the Isle of White and Poole Harbour.

At meal times reds like seeds, bark and sap from scots pines, ripe hazelnuts, acorns and fungi.

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