Kendal Mint Cake – A Top of the World Recipe

Kendal Mint Cake – A Top of the World Recipe

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The No1 Top of the World Treat:

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay ate Romney’s Kendal mint cake on the summit of Mount Everest on 29th May 1953.

This being the first successful expedition to the summit.

Romney’s were approached by the 1953 expedition to Everest, to see whether they could supply Mint haste.

Fortunately, they had sufficient stock to meet their needs, and the staff willingly gave up their sweet ration coupons to comply with the law.

Sir Edmond Hilary and Sirdar Tenzing ate this Mint Cake on top of Everest as they gazed at the countryside below them.

Mint Cake is still made to this day in Kendal by three different companies.

However, the mint cake creation was apparently an accident!

A confectioner called Joseph Wiper, while making a batch of clear mint, had a lapse of concentration and the product ended up cloudy.

As it tasted nice, the batch was saved, so this sugar-based confection was born.

Since then, Kendal Mint Cake recipe has become the no1 favourite with hikers, climbers and visitors to the Lake District.

Throughout Cumbria, Mint Cake is widely available through camping and outdoor equipment shops.

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