Rose Castle

Rose Castle near Dalston in the north of the county is about to be converted into an international Christian centre for reconciliation. The cost of the work to change the…

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Windermere Lake Cruises

Lake Cruises on Windermere: Windermere Lake Cruises hosts more than 1.3 million passenger journeys annually on the country’s longest lake. The company operates 16 boats including three steamers, nine waterbuses…

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Kendal Castle

Kendal Castle:Kendal’s first castle (a wooden structure) stood at Castle Howe near Beast Banks.It was thought the original castle was built in 1092.Only the earthworks remain and the obelisk on…

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Stunning Carlisle Cathedral

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Carlisle Cathedral, founded in 1122 as a priory and became a cathedral in 1132. For over 900 years, there has been a service held here every day.  One of its…

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Laughing Gravy Dog Ulverston

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The name of Stan and Ollie's dog was 'Laughing Gravy'. The comedy duo tried to hide their pet dog - Laughing Gravy from their miserable landlord, who didn't allow pets.…

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