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By davidchadwick, Feb 19 2018 12:24PM

A hike over Hampsfell is a perfect way to see the panoramic views of Morecambe Bay stretching from Yorkshire all the way around to Barrow in Furness.

Hampsfell stands at only 220 meters high, yet is boasts some of the finest views of any fell in the Lake District. On the top of the fell stands the Hospice. This solid stone shelter was built in 1846 by the vicar of Cartmel and is an ideal shelter from inclement weather.

Above the door is a Greek inscription which apparently reads “Rosy-fingered dawn” and seems to puzzle many people; maybe because it faces East and therefore, directly into the rising sun. Inside the Hospice are several other inscribed panels telling more about the history of the site.

By davidchadwick, Feb 1 2018 04:31PM

William Wordsworth described Grasmere as ‘the loveliest spot that man hath ever found’, which may explain why the Romantic poet made his home here.

There are superb walks with stunning views in all directions leading from the centre of the village. If you fancy enjoying one of his Wordsworth’s favourite walks there is an easy walk along Loughrigg Terrace around Rydal Water with superb lakeland views in all directions.

A slightly more strenuous hike is the short sharp ascent to the impressive rocks at the top of Helm Crag otherwise known as the “The Lion and the Lamb” or the “Old Lady at the Piano”, which are names derived from the shape of rock formations on the summit.

Grasmere is 45 minutes away from Lothlorien by car.

Rydal Water
Rydal Water

By davidchadwick, Jan 10 2018 01:23PM

“I stayed at Lothlorien when I started work on the first chapter of my first book Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling: Achieving Balance in the Modern World.

“The start of a book is always the hardest part. But Lothorien helped me get focused and ready.

“I spent many happy times gazing out of the lounge window across the wild expanses of Morecambe Bay. I felt as though my worries and cares were drifting far away with the tide, and being replaced by calmness and concentration.

“In this replenished state of mind, I found that my head was soon full of creative ideas and solutions for the book.

“I was writing about mindfulness, but I was also living mindfulness – thanks to the peacefulness and beauty of my surroundings. A calm sense of self-awareness and openness to the world comes easily at Lothlorien.

“I did a lot of hard work at Lothlorien, but I also found it easy to relax in such a tidy and clean house. And when I met David and his wife Pam, they were so friendly and welcoming, it was another reason to feel contented.

“I heartily recommend Lothlorien for a happy and mindful holiday.”

By davidchadwick, Dec 14 2017 10:30AM

Legend has it that the last wolf in England was killed a mile away from Lothlorien at Humphrey Head on the shores of Morecambe Bay in 1390.

According to folklore, the beast came down from the fells above Coniston where it had been attacking flocks of sheep. It was then claimed it attacked a child in Cark-in-Cartmel before locals chased it away to Humphrey Head.

At the time, efforts were being made to eradicate the species from Britain from the time of King Edward I. Aside from the threat to livestock and humans, wolves were also said to raid graveyards! Many substantial rewards were offered to anyone who killed them.

You can still find traces of wolves around the area today, from the Last Wolf ale brewed locally to wolves called Maska and Kajika who are part of the Predator Experience at nearby Ayside.

Humphrey Head
Humphrey Head

By davidchadwick, Sep 11 2017 09:42AM

We enjoyed a look around The Royalty Cinema in Bowness-on-Windermere which was open to give film fans a look behind the scenes. As part of the Heritage Open Day scheme the cinema gave members of the public a chance to find out more about the cinema, which celebrated its 90th anniversary earlier this year.

As well as learning about the building's history, there were a number of old newsreels being shown and the historic Wurlitzer organ was being played by local organist Paul Gregson.

We even had a very interesting chat with the owner - Charles Morris, who also has six local cinemas across Yorkshire and Cumbria including the Roxy in Ulverston.

From the photos the cinema appearance hasn't changed much down the years.

By davidchadwick, Aug 15 2017 07:28PM

LokI, the mystery artist who has been likened to the world-famous graffiti specialist Banksy, has struck again in Ulverston.

Two years ago, LoKi placed a series of life size plaster cast figures on the main Tank Square roundabout in the town centre. This week the 'guerilla artist', left a new set of human-like statues at the same spot along with other pieces of art around the town.

By davidchadwick, Jul 22 2017 08:43AM

This charming little town in the Eden Valley is all about the great outdoors, with the Lake District on west side and the equally beautiful and far less explored North Pennines on the east side. Penrith boasts a good selection of independent shops and galleries, from a gentlemen’s shaving shop to reassuringly old fashioned clothing stores. Penrith is 40 minutes away by car from Lothlorien.

By davidchadwick, May 29 2017 07:42AM

The Beach Hut Gallery is based at the Kents Bank railway station. Founded in 2008 by a co-operative of artists, the gallery exhibits some of the finest art in Cumbria. Throughout the year the gallery hosts group or solo shows offering a fresh and unique experience of contemporary art in Cumbria. The Beach Hut Gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday 10.30am to 5 pm.

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